North Woods Magic

Our family started Saint Paul Sauna to share our love for this Nordic tradition. Sam and Brandi spent years leading wilderness trips in the Northwoods. Our favorite way to end a trip was always with a cold plunge and a sauna, shared with new & old friends. Ending a challenging journey through the woods by sweating out toxins and stress always felt like a magical experience. Turns out, the benefits are supported by science!

Now we live by the Fair Grounds in Saint Paul, and life is stressful enough without a canoe trip through bogs and unmarked portages. So we decided to bring some magic from the Northwoods to our city. We found the local sauna builders to help us with this vision, and they knocked it out of the park!

This is a family tradition and a family business. Our kids make the kindling, stack your firewood, help with repairs, and you might even meet them when we drop off your sauna.